You can log into your existing account or create an account either through the head menu option MY ACCOUNT or by pressing SIGN UP/SIGN IN blue button in the right upper corner.

NOTE 1: If the button reads MY PROFILE it means you are already logged in.

NOTE 2: If you are not logged in you will not be able to purchase a course.

To view available classes you click on option ENROLL in the head menu. You can also click on VIEW CLASSES button in your account page (after you logged in). If you are interested in a specific category of classes you can hover over CATEGORY in the upper left corner and select categories of your preference.

Click on a class you are interested in. If you want to enroll in this class press ADD TO CART. Remember, you have to be logged in. If you try to add a class to a cart as a guest your cart will stay empty. If you forgot to log in just go to the MY ACCOUNT option in the head menu.

At this point you will be offered to fill an enrollment form.  After this you can choose one of the payment options: Zelle or PayPal ( you don’t need to have a PayPal account). If you choose Zelle you press “PLACE ORDER” and send us money later via your Zelle app or bank app. Your order is complete only after we receive your payment.

While we highly recommend that you create your account you still can enroll in a class without an account. In this case you just email us your student’s name, age, name of the class, contact information ( if you are enrolling a minor please include your name and contact information) and send us a tuition via Zelle ( to or Venmo (@multiculturalschool) or PayPal ( to