Our mission is to promote learning, encourage respect and understanding of different cultures, and to build an inclusive, global community.

Multicultural School of Indiana was first founded in 1993 by a group of Russian-speaking immigrants – mostly parents themselves. They had a common concern shared by many immigrants: how could they help their children maintain an investment and interest in their culture while living in a completely new country? It all started with a few volunteers, mostly ex-teachers, who would come to the Jewish Community Center on Sundays to teach just a handful of children what they knew best: Russian Language, Literature, Math, Music, Art…

Today, the school is a fully-functional non-profit, tax-exempt organization, with a great team of professional instructors and energetic leaders. The number of students has grown considerably over the years and in the Fall of 2009, the school relocated to University High School in Carmel, IN; our new home. This move helped us to further grow and added more flexibility and convenience for the students and parents.

Classes are held on Sundays and are split into fall and spring semesters. In a course of each semester students have ample opportunities for performances in school recitals and local community events. Most classes are geared toward children from families where Russian is spoken at home, but we also have classes for students who are learning the Russian language as foreign.

We are committed to continue our efforts to create a fun learning environment where children and adults with any level of Russian language skills feel welcome and comfortable.

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